The BookBook Is A Phone Book For Your iPhone

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I like the idea of putting my money where my phone is (seldom do I leave the house with one and not the other), but this has a little bit of a George Costanza flare to it—it looks like I’ll be sitting with a tilt. Actually, I’m not so sure this would even fit in my back pocket—your iPhone is sitting between two hard-back covers, which doesn’t sound very back-pocket friendly. That is the idea; the case does have a convenient ID window and slots for your debit/credit cards, reward cards and cash. But, if I need a man-purse to carry the BookBook, I’m not sold. I’m hooked on the look, tho. The hand-distressed treatment is a nice touch and it is a totally unique case. And you can charge, sync and use the headphone jack while your iPhone is in the book. Being able to choose your own cover would be dope.