Are You A Button Pushing Fake DJ? EDM Culture Has Just Been Served…

Are You A Button Pushing Fake DJ? EDM Culture Has Just Been Served…

Could this new piece of new electronic music be any more timely? Given deadmau5’s PR blunder “We All Hit Play,” the Sneak and Angello battle about “real” DJing, A-Trak chiming in on the DJ debate with this “Don’t Push My Buttons,” article, etc. it’s a bit surprising that it took someone as long as it did to come up with a song that captures what’s happening in EDM culture right now.

We got an anonymous email a few minutes ago simply titled, “Stop Fake DJs” with two Soundcloud links. Of course we had to click on them. And we’re glad we did.

“Fake DJ” is a sonic retort to all the talk going on right now about what it means to be a real DJ. There’s an original mix (more suited for the big room house dancefloors and a DJ Sneak version that takes cues from the house music sounds in Chicago and New York that we’re happening back in the day… which also happens to be my personal favorite of the two.

In the beginning there was the DJ
The DJ built the groove
Felt the groove
Mixed the groove
Two turntables and a mixer!

The DJ was your conductor
He was your guide
He was your Guarantee that you were going to lose your mind

But somethin’s happening to all that
All this hype
All these gawwwd Damn — lap ——-top DJs
Every mother fucka is callin themselves
A Deeeee Jaaaay

Just cause you got yoself a laaaaaap top
Don’t mean you’re a Deeeee Jay.

Get the fuuuuuuck out

Lemme tell you, you’ve got to mix with your ears
You learns to mix with your ears
You’ve gotta watch the floor
You’ve gotta pick the right tracks
And you’ve got to build the groove

Not with wave forms
Not with sync buttons
Not with the latest mash-ups or gimmicks
Not with the latest programs
You’ve got to build the groove
With two turntables and a mix
But what they don’t understand
Is that you pay your price
You earn your spot
You get your shit right.

You got to get it right

We’ve gotta spread this truth
Of all these button pushin
Fake ass
No mixin’ fake DJs

It’s just gotta stop
We gotta STOP!

We gotta STOP!

Take your pre recorded
Button pushing
Fake ass mixin

And get the fuuuuuuck out.

Fake ass DJs
Everywhere I look I see a bunch of fake ass DJs

Now this isn’t a dis to the innovators
You’ve just got to respect the architechs
The originators
Like Larry Levan
Frankie Knuckles
Juan Atkins
Derrick May
Kevin Saunderson
Eddie Fowlkes
Jeff Mills
Derrick Carter
DJ Sneak
Doc Martin
Louie Vega
Kenny Dope
Danny Tenaglia
Francois K
Tony Humphries
Carl Craig
Joe Claussell
Timothy Regisford
Danny Krivit
Farley Jackmaster Funk

Update! Here’s a new deeper house music version of the tune that recently went up on this unknown person’s Soundcloud page. Bummer that we haven’t seen this as an EDM download yet.

  • Deeeee Jaaaaay (Sounding High)

    To me it just sounds like a guy who’s high ranting on. It’s the era of the producer now if you want to go Main Stage.

    • Jesse Raymond

      Word… It’s NOW about whether you can make it yourself.. or just spin things EVERYBODY is spinning. It’s more productive than reproductive

  • faso

    Personally, I’m addicted to vinyl and I started DJing to validate that, but the only thing that actually matters is the end result: what comes out of the speakers. This old argument is boring as hell. It makes one side sound out-of-touch and the other disrespectful of the shoulders they stand on. It’s true that there are way more awful acts using laptops because it doesn’t require the investment of time and money that collecting does. BUT, there are plenty of amazing laptop DJs and live acts doing great things with full control of their sets. Good artists and DJs are able to react to their setting, narrate with pace, and know their material. That can be achieved in many different ways.

    When some of these big acts feel like they have to pre-pick or even pre-record their sets because they can’t afford mistakes at some detached, million-raver fest, the thrill of playing a set must wear off pretty quick. Cray visuals distract the crowd while they fake knob-twists and drops. They will never surprise themselves or anyone who knows whats going on up there. You have to stick your neck out to do that.

  • kif

    frigging luddites, lets all stick to the lute and sheet music

  • djTiE /TiE

    I like CDJs n Vinyl, even controller, I can do those because i was taught those

  • George Clooney

    Hilarious that people who made money playing records are now mad at the younger crop who make money playing digital files. It’s like people who use typewriters getting mad at people who use word processors. (Get off my lawn you whippersnappers!)

  • DavidIreland

    The song is about MIXING and the art of Mixing, not about what format you use. Digital vs. Analog is irrelevant. Turntables or CDJs, all good if you are actually mixing. It’s not about Fake Producers, it’s about FAKE DJs.

    If you have a prerecorded set, or premix a set in Ableton and then just stand up in the DJ Booth pretending to mix, you are a poser and a buster. You might as well just post up a mannequin and pop in a mix CD, same shit.

  • Dag

    Sure pal. However it’s called evolution. Things change. Drive a fucking 1990 Ferrari but I bet you are driving something modern. People grow up now in the tech age. Bak in your day vinyls were affordable, which starting dj is gonna buy fucking vinyl when they can use mp3. You from a different time where things were different. Keep watching your fucking Rambo movies and stay in your own past hypocrite.

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  • Ominide

    You’re forgetting a really important one done months ago. I realize that its in the hated and looked down on genre (Happy Hardcore) but OI we’re important too.

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  • fuck your bullshit

    this is just an awful awful boring awful awful song.

  • Justin Murta

    Yeah fuck this song… Just because you got good at some shit that is obsolete and you’re pissed because no one is impressed by flare scratches and some half assed beat matching. Hey all the shit you are playing from the git go is someone else’s music that I’m sure you’re not paying royalties for! I think only Disc Jockey’s that make and mix their own music (Infected Mushroom) or scratch like Q-Bert with tones tones to make an instrument from turntables are legit. Everything else is LAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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  • James Smith

    I am addicted to DJ and its tunes but not fake it is

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  • DJ Sirrealz

    Did you know Cell Phones were invented? Still using Landline? Did you know MP3s are invented? Still using that Cassette Tape?

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  • Matthew Gibbons

    Someone sounds a little to angry, just worry about you and stop hating, as long as you stay true to yourself who cares what other people are doing. Me personally I have not seen anyone do this myself and I imagine it to be really boring whats worse is if people are not feeling what you are playing then you are screwed.

  • jbkeyman

    In the beginning there were musicians and then sound engineers. Then there were blood suckers that called themselves DJ’s that had neither Musical talent nor mixing skills. Whatever you call it… If you create new stuff electronically or acoustically you can call yourself whatever you want. Otherwise you’re just a cover band with out the band.

  • noxxi

    ahh. this is sad. enjoy your time rocking the big stage! oh wait… its not 1985 anymore. such a shame

  • stevecooley

    “Bummer that we haven’t seen this as an EDM download yet.” irony alert!! But really, I can see the merit in both sides of this argument. Really, you should stop playing other peoples’ music and make your own music. Play your own music. Who cares how you play your own music. Just play your own music.