Review: Surkin and Todd Edwards “I Want You Back” EP via Sound Pellegrino

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It was with much gusto and delighted fervor that Magnetic reviewed the single “I Want You Back” from Surkin and Todd Edwards' crossover EP on Sound Pellegrino. I am of the belief that it is truly one of the best pieces of music to be released this year; a new breed of pop for an alternate universe comprised of sonic-emotional integrity and courageously open hearts. Needless to say, it was with great eagerness that I received the full EP in my inbox last week. Along with the original and instrumental versions of the single (released with a powerful video from Julian 'Lil Internet' Wadsworth, self proclaimed inventor of Sea Punk), there are two b-sides, “Mighty Love” and “This Way.”


While lacking the undeniable charisma of the title song, these tracks are a reassuringly solid return to the respective roots of Surkin and Edwards, bringing an incredibly playable French-Touch-meets-Jersey-House feeling to utilitarian '90s dancefloor fillers. Both “This Way” and “Mighty Love” feel explosively joyful, a little gritty, bursting at the seams with aggressive snares and pitch-shifted vocals samples. The b-sides of the “I Want You Back” EP are perhaps a quirkier, fresher take at what Duck Sauce is doing successfully on such a massive scale these days: not necessarily the future, but certainly not a past I can possibly be mad at.

Look for “I Want You Back” to be released on August 27th. You can pre-order via iTunes here.