Magnetic Spotlight: New Electronic Music from Dab’D x Jvck’d; File Under ‘MagicStep’

Magnetic Spotlight: New Electronic Music from Dab'D x Jvck'd; File Under 'MagicStep'

Lumberjvck and Abrakradabra are two production duos from Icon Collective- school of DJs (yes, that exists now). Lumberjvck’s uptempo influences of trap, electro, hard style sounds compliment Abrakabdabra’s more glitchy, progressive dubstep.

Together, the duos form Dab’d x Jvck’d, a fast-rising production collective that has been gaining a lot of attention for their remixes. They produce MagicStep, a versatile and open-format genre of electronica. Check out their productions below and download their Dab’D X Jvck’D remix of Chanel West Coast’s ‘Cookie’.

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