How Much Do DJs Make? Booking Fees Revealed

How Much Do DJs Make? Booking Fees Revealed

Calvin Harris is one of the highest paid DJs, according to Forbes


How Much Do DJs Make?

Ever wonder how much it would cost to book your favorite DJ? Well, here are some estimates according to Degy Entertainment, a booking agency that handles acts from all genres.  It breaks down everyone’s festival rate from De La Soul to Madonna, and there are plenty of EDM acts sprinkled in all tiers.

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By no means are these firm figures, as a lot comes into play when booking these acts. There are also some discrepancies between rates on agencies- so consider these “ballpark”. Here are some samples of the upper tier-

$100K And Up

Avicii $150-$200k+
Axwell $100K+
Bassnectar $100- $150k+
Calvin Harris $150K+
deadmau5 $200 – $250K+
David Guetta $150 – $250K+
Redfoo $100 – $150k+
Kaskade $100K+
Pretty Lights $150K+
Sebastian Ingrosso $100K+
Tiesto $200 – $400K+

$50K – $100K

Afrojack $75-$100K+
Alesso $85- $125K+
Krewella $50 – $75K+
Steve Aoki $50- $75K+

It looks like the most of the DJs are in the $1k to 30K range, so not exactly the “bags of money” that the recent SNL skit depicted – unless you’re Harris, Guetta, or the mau5. And at least, according to this data, Paris Hilton is not available for touring. We think she might be taking some time off to hit the studio like most good DJs/producers do. All jokes aside, for the most part these fees seem to make sense.  They also somewhat explain the rising cost of tickets: if you have a few major headlining DJs, that overhead can add up really quick.

P.S. Here’s a short story: “DJ” Pauly D is asking $40K-$60K; Nickleback $350 – $500K. A word to whoever books Coachella, don’t go getting any ideas… please!

Via: Priceonomics

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  • Zach Jacobs

    Bassnectar deserves more.

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  • Frank


  • John Arpino

    What about Armin? I would think he would be in the top bracket too

  • henry landivar

    Steve Aoki
    Pauly D
    Nickleback, aren’t worth 5 fucking cents!

    • ambivalent

      INDEED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aa

    how the fuck redfoo is 100K.. what is he done for music besides pop crap?

    • Danny VeLz

      That’s what I was saying! When I saw that I shouted, “RED FOO?!?!” LMAO

      • Josh


    • akshay

      party rock anthem
      i’m sexy and i know it
      chamagne showers

      he is worth a 100k

      • DJ_SempreNovember

        It is a shame that you think that is music. True music is about emotion not sex and drugs. I look down upon our nation of youth at times.

        • DJ Skyfall

          Music is what moves you, some people think a cricket is music but I think there a pest. Just like you don’t try to put people done for liking what they want. Quit Bullying people into they way you want them to be cause who the fuck are you!!!! Your nobody just like the rest of the 98% percent of the world…

  • aa

    how the fuck redfoo is 100K.. what is he done for music besides pop crap?

  • Rissa Garcia

    Please don’t call them djs thanks :)

    • Zack Martin

      Why not thats what they are?

  • Clint

    How is Steve Aoki a dj? He is a professional clown, not a dj

  • Larose Royce

    It seem “pushing buttons” can really get you further than having real talent!

    • Marc_elli22

      They don’t get paid just to push play. Every single one of these people on the list above produced their own music. People who press play are the ones who have never produced a track themselves and therefore are the ones getting paid to press play. The ignorance is real

      • James

        the ignorance is real.

        that’s funny because i can tell you that pretty much every “DJ” on this list has hired help etc.
        they will not have made 100% of their music.

        • Malkio Malik Rollins

          That is true, but still no different than any Singer you know that has someone else write the song. you are forgetting the fact that they don’t make themselves the people tha pay for their show or music does. “talent” is now an opinion word.

          If they sit in a studio for hours and then come up with a track, and then call on the support of a known or unknown talent to assist in finalizing do they loose any credit if said song Launches to the top of the charts?

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  • MusicMusic MusicMusic

    steve aoki is disgusting

  • iyana_444

    listen to flume

  • GeoffEDM

    these are all bloated if they are truly annualized

  • stevie

    use are wrong.. music is an energy and a form of manipulation! look at the oldskool, techno and trance? is that not what its about? sheer euphoric waves pulsating through the atmosphere and linking us as one.. Faithless – we come one..
    energy people wake up! you cannot put a price on int.. money is just an illusion.. creating that energy, well that’s the true beauty.

  • Theboss ApproachMag

    Look how much these top DJs make. Can’t imagine booking them.