DJ Marketing: 3 Inexpensive Ways To Get Your Music Noticed

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DJ Marketing: 3 Inexpensive Ways To Get Your Music Noticed

So you’ve spent hundreds of hours perfecting your music, and now you want to share some tunes with the world.  You pop them up on Soundcloud and then wait, and wait, and wait some more. Where are the comments? Where are the spins? Where are the phone calls from the Spinnin’ Records A&R team?

Then you realize nothing much is going to happen unless you get the word out a little better. The simple fact is, you could have one of the best songs on the internet, but no one is going to know unless you get the word out a little better.

You, of course, want to start with your friends and family; they will help get some early momentum, but the reality is you need to market yourself a little bit. Here are some simple and inexpensive ways to help get you some more exposure.

Facebook Promotion – Don’t be afraid of learning how to market your music on FB with promoted posts and targeted ads. It’s not super hard to learn, and there are many resources on the internet to help you refine your approach to getting more clicks for less. Despite what people may say, Facebook is still the biggest and most influential social media network by a long shot, and it’s LOADED with EDM fans that you can target genre and affinity. If your track sounds similar to Alesso then put that in your target keywords or in your button ad “If you like Alesso then you are going to love this.”  Educate yourself on the process and you will be surprised at how fast you can get results. If you can learn how to produce a dope track, trust us, you will kick ass on FB ads. You will not have to spend a fortune to move the needle and the better you get at placing ads, the further your money will go

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