Are You Losing Your Hearing At EDM Shows?

Protect your hearing and still enjoy the show with DownBeats Ear Filters
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Protect your hearing and still enjoy the show with DownBeats Ear Filters
Decibel Levels Illustrated 

Decibel Levels Illustrated 

Over the last couple months I've started to notice something at a lot of the electronic music shows I've been attending, they are a LOT louder than they used to be. 

I've been to a lot of shows, 100s of them, but only recently have I noticed an extra hefty dose of decibels coming through the speakers. From the Rudimental show to the Autechre show to most recently the ODESZA show in New Orleans, they were all insanely good shows but also insanely loud. 

I expect live music, and DJ shows to be loud, but it's gotten to a point that the ear ringing has become fairly intense after these concerts. I like my hearing as I'm sure you do, and continued exposure to these types of high decibels has a bad ending for all of us who don't protect ourselves; we lose our hearing slowly but surely. 

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EDM shows can be up to 115 - 120+ Decibels

It's easy to get caught up in the music and just say to yourself, "next time I'll wear earplugs, this one show won't hurt me..." The question is, how many times have you done that? Noise-induced hearing damage is very real and something you need to pay attention to, especially in EDM culture.

If you are at a show that is over 104 decibels and higher, chances are you will leave the concert with some mild tinnitus (ear ringing). Although the ringing is usually temporary, consistent and longer exposure (just 15 mins) can lead to more severe and permanent damage. 

EDM shows, clubs and festivals are particularly bad because you are listing to loud music for long periods of time, sometimes up to 12 hours or more if you are really going for it. That puts EDM fans in a more dangerous category due to the long hours of high decibel exposure. 

Tinnitus can end up being permanent, a constant ringing sound for the rest or your life? No thanks.

Many DJs end up getting permanent tinnitus due to the nature of the profession. Only recently have you started to see DJs using hearing protection and preventative measures to stop the damage, like ear plugs, in-ear monitors that isolate noise, etc. 

How can you prevent hearing loss and still have fun at the show? Who wants to hear muffled music through ear plugs?

The DownBeats Ear Filter 

The DownBeats Ear Filter 

There is a great compromise for this dilemma, ear filters. What are ear filters? Well, it's all in the name, the new earplugs of today are built to filter out some decibels while letting you still hear the concert at a safer level. The old school foam plugs will still work as will balled up toilet paper in your ears, but then you lose A LOT of sounds. 

A product like DownBeats filter sound, ensuring that can still hear all the good bits and block out the unnecessary decibels. 

DownBeats take the sound, reduce it an overall 18 decibels, and channel it acoustically into your ears, making sure you have the optimal resonance in your ears at a sustainable level. 

DownBeats come with a nice metal carrying case that is easy to attach to your keychain, so you don't ever forget them. They are easily camouflaged in your ears due to their small size and only cost $9.99 so you can easily replace them without breaking the bank. 

These ear filters are a simple product to use, they enhance your concert experience, and help dramatically reduce hearing damage. Do you really want to be in your 30s or 40s and struggle to hear your friends over a dinner conversation? Probably not. 

This has been a PSA brought to you by Magnetic Magazine and Downbeats Ear Filters