Weekly Top 5 Tracks: A Silky Weeknd Cover, Ragga House And Music For Electric Forests

Our weekly top five electronic music picks
David Ireland
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Our weekly top five electronic music picks

Hello Friday and hello weekly top 5. I found some interesting ones this week starting with Simon Fields "Hold On" an addictive groover with a new school touch to the classic House gospel vocal, trust me... 

The Ember Island cover of the The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" brings a nice female touch to the now epic track and Neonhund supplies the beats on the remix. It's a nice twist, give it a chance.

MMEE's "Mad Man Wicked" is just that, a slow moving bass heavy ragga infused jam that just gets nasty and then nastier. If you heard this at 2 am it would be all over.

XELARAIN's "Sex Drugs & Camping" and Couros' "Turning" are perfect for those special camping trips in the electric forest... this is thought provoking chillout done right. Lay down and look up.

See you next week.