Weekly Top 10 Drum and Bass Chart - 1.25.16

Featuring tracks by Keeno, Metrik, Loadstar, The Clamps, Document One and more
Carly Mountford
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Featuring tracks by Keeno, Metrik, Loadstar, The Clamps, Document One and more
Photo sourced from Solovov Photography via breakbeat.co.uk

Photo sourced from Solovov Photography via breakbeat.co.uk

You know what's excellent on a hangover (aside from bacon - always bacon) - Drum and Bass. Not Liquid Drum and Bass. I'm going out on a limb here and big upping the naughty stuff. 'Let's put on something mellow' yodelled a colleague this morning, post Christmas work party. And then - 'Ooh who's music is this? It's perfect!' chortled another. I reached, wincing, for my headphones and pelted on some face grating Agressor Bunx. It was blissful and I was very happy with my decision making... Until I realised I was still drunk. Fast-forward an hour and one belting headache later...."Loving that ABBA mate!" I moaned white-faced over the partition. Lesson learnt. Drunk or not drunk today - enjoy the dnb!

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“Perspective” - Keeno ft. MC Fava[Hospital Records]

Keeno can do no wrong. Beautiful as ever and working those vocals and pianos. Bit of a chatski intro here but good for a listen! Tune starts roughly around 4.26ish for those who are antsy and impatient like me.

“Thug” - Black Sun Empire & State of Mind[Blackout Music]

Both artwork and tune, not for the fainthearted!

“Terminus” - Metrik[Hospital Records]

Dropping off the 2016 Hospitality compilation and preluding a new Metrik album at the end of Jan - this track has got a lot of chops!

"Social Disorder" - The Clamps[Trendkill Records]

Mysterious Hardstyle Drum and Bass producer here - all I can seem to gather is that he has roots in Techno and that he is a he. Just call me Sherlock! 

"Pathways" - Ed:It[Shogun Audio]

Ed:it recently signed exclusively to Shogun - happy new year to him! This is the first laid back track of what is sure to be a cracking run.

"Lifeline" - Loadstar[RAM Records]

Pop laced Drum and Bass but if it's going to drag a lot of people into the DnB fold, I'm all for it. Gateway DnB.

"Centaurus A" - Allied[BNKR (MethLab Recordings)]

Dubbed out futuristic sound - yes! A powerful and driven roller. Put this dubby-Techno in your pipe and smoke it! Or something. BNKR is MethLab's stripped-down experimental label.

"Amnesia" - Agressor Bunx[EatBrain]

Agressor Bunx getting the eyebrows raising...if you like Noisia, if you like Audio... you now like Agressor Bunx.

"Snowflakes" - Muffler[Bad Taste Recordings]

Piano underlay on this works a treat. Soothing. Want to rub my face in it.

"Run The Block" - Document One[Technique Recordings]

This is unique. We have Hip Hop twisted Drum and Bass here kids. Not your run of the mill - see what you think!