[Premiere] The Juan MacLean Delivers Undeniable Disco Dance Floor Slammer "Don't Stop For Nothing"

Summer has arrived! What better way to get down than to rock some brand new Juan MacLean NYC disco?
By Eugene Stuckless ,

Guess what? Maestro The Juan MacLean dropped off a 4 track dance floor beast titled Panic In Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn. From beginning to end, his first outing on Razor-N-Tape is primo New York disco; effortlessly soulful with a whole lot of attitude. Today I’m premiering the second track on the record, an impeccable edit of “Reach Up,” by Toney Lee.

“Don’t Stop For Nothing” brings a hearty helping of slap-happy energy to the classic work. It kicks off with a straightforward vocal hook, building immediate anticipation of the inevitable breakdown. In classic J Mac style, the layers fit together like puzzle pieces, building with an intense focus and flow. The end result is a chunky treatment whose masterful loops lead straight to dance-floor oblivion.

Cop Panic in Fort Greene Park today on Juno starting July 6th here.

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