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Essential Tunes In Current Rotation From Hidden Recordings Frontman Deepak Sharma

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Deepak Sharma has been on fire as of late with recent releases from his label, Hidden Recordings, and his late night sets and sounds that have kept crowds in NY buzzing. Below are recent tracks that’s he’s either played or will be featuring soon, and mostly including artists that are involved with the label or ones he wishes were.


If you're not familiar with Deepak... have a read—these words are from his lips.

Most people who know me think I’m a workaholic but I’m actually very laid-back – I guess that’s the contradictory Gemini in me coming out. But to me if you are passionate about something, you automatically work for it, so it comes naturally. As much as this is the life that I chose, it’s also chosen me and I’m thankful for it. I love all the things that come with running a label, from putting together releases, working on tracks with production partner, Dieter Krause, prepping for gigs also and listening to demos. There is so much more but that no two days are similar and I look forward to each new challenge that comes with running a label. The satisfaction of hearing people enjoying your label’s music and seeing your vinyl in stores continues to be the driving force behind my motivation to continually push for my artists and my label. Our sound is great and unique, and I know it.

But there is an ebb and flow to all of this. And over time, I’ve learned you need to step back, smell the rose and enjoy other things in life as well. I live near Central Park in NYC and to me there is nothing better than waking up and going for a jog or game of tennis with a friend to relax and unwind as it’s a truly glamorous place and I thank my lucky stars to have it so close to me. Often times, after a nice workout, or good day with the label, I’ll enjoy a nice flight of tequila at the Mexican restaurant around the corner from my home with my girlfriend, Eleanor who is somebody I enjoy sharing my music and life with. Behind all good DJs, artists, label owners, often is a better woman who is supportive. I’m a lucky man and I know it. Every morning I wake up and say thanks for everything that’s I’ve been blessed with: health, family, home, and life and I also do this at night to remind me how good things are, even after the hard days. I try to instill this kind of positive energy in everything I do and everyone I meet.

M.A.D.A. + Plankton “Antiz” (Hidden Recordings)

Young stars from France who are blossoming nicely and are featured on Hidden’s next release due out at the end of July. Their sound fits the label perfectly with this late-night big room icey groover with cool French vocal snippet that has already seen support from techno luminaries Adam Beyer, Umek, Ivan Smagghe, Alexi Delano, Tim Xavier, Ambivalent and Raiz to name a few.

Perc “Gonkle” (Perc Trax)

Those who know Perc will understand this one carries his vintage sound. Massive pounding drums with an apocalyptic and industrial wasteland feel to it. When the fog appears and the night become more mysterious is when to drop this one. Hidden Recordings was lucky enough to catch this global jetsetter for a remix on an upcoming release.

Alejandro Trebor “Again” (Hybrid Confusion)

The young Frenchman who along with M.A.D.A. + Plankton are known affectionately as the Marseille Techno Mafia delivers an amazing track that chugs along to his classic rhythmic bass and energetic rhythms with huge FX—this one will get the heads shaking! Watch this name, especially on Hidden Recordings upcoming releases!

Audiowomb “Acalephae” (Phobiq)

Monster track for the biggest of big moments deep and late into the night off of the pounding techno label, Phobiq run by Sasha Carassi who’s known for his cavernous sound where he has had his own tracks released off of the techno elite labels such as Drumcode.

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Hans Bouffmyhre “Face of Denial” (Stolen Moments)

A young producer who is making strong waves through his heavy hitting gritty and punchy tracks. This one hits the sweet-spot as you look begin the peak of your night with an epic breakdown that is sure to get everyone’s hands in the air.

Sasha Carassi + Tom Hades “Integrale” (Alchemy)

Carassi is on fire at the moment and once again delivers a big room gem with partners Tom Hades. Integrale combines eerie and haunting noises combined with heavy drums and rhythmic claps to create a psychosomatic mind-bender that the anonymous hundreds on the dancefloor will shake their heads too. Sasha’s remix for Hidden Recordings Antiz is nothing short of enormous!

D. Carbone “Suicide” (Claudio PRC RMX) (Prosthetic Pressings)

A hypnotic and sophisticated touch is added by Claudio PRC to this techno masterpiece. The beauty becomes more and more evident as the track plays out with ambient pads, cool reverb and FX with pounding drums reminiscent of labels such as Prologue.

Memnok + Splatter “Horus” (Der Hut)

Great kick along with atmosphere fueled by amazing rhythm and energy. A jackin’ techno track that will get your engines revved up and muscles loosened up to hit the dance-floor in a big way.

Subfractal “Song or Album Title” (Brood Audio)

Young Pakistani duo who are finding their groove with amazing rhythmic bass coupled with wondering big room sounds. The track is high energy, big and not made for the faint of heart, but that’s to be expected from Erphun’s amazing Brood Audio imprint. Check out their remix on an upcoming Hidden Recordings release!

Alex Bau “Noise B” (Monoloc RMX) (Sleaze Records)

An absolute face-melter of a track. Tough and grimy with a punch in your stomach kind of energy behind it. Harder techno made by Alex Bau who has also released on labels such as Chris Liebing’s CLR, so you know he’s no stranger to the bangin’ stuff. This one will satisfy the most hardcore techno fanatic.

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