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Andres Caballero “All Free” (Anusual)

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Here’s a treat from Ecuadorian DJ Andres Caballero whom also runs the label Anusual. Anusual, in it's short life, has delivered some top-shelf tunes from the likes of Lee Webster, Cosmic JD and boss man himself, Caballero. Here’s their latest, a three-tracker featuring one original and two remixes of the tune "All Free." Chunky nu disco beats, psychedelic sound design, musical embellishments, and tasty vocals abound. It's definitely influenced by the ongoing mid-tempo trend. For a Kraftwerk-influenced slice of electro-fied disco, peep Miguel Puente’s treatment. And for a deep electro dub remix have a listen to Colombian producer Oscar Fonseca (that’s him as Phonesex) b-side madness.


Andres Caballero "All Free"

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