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Cobblestone Jazz “Memories” (Wagon Repair Records)

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After a year of releasing acclaimed electronic albums individually, the shape-shifting Wagon Repair crew returns to its vinyl roots with a buoyant, shimmering Cobblestone Jazz 12" featuring Mathew Jonson, Tyger Dhula, Danuel Tate and the Mole.


"Memories (From Where We Are)," due August 8, 2011, is proper deep house: a slow burner bubbling with simmering bass lines and signature esoteric beats. In keeping with their jazz-inspired improvisational ethos, the group mixed the track live. The Mole edited the single session into two mixes for this EP. The more atmospheric A-side powers up its chugging tempo gradually, adding oscillating pulses and squelches, shuffling beats, plucky tones, faint echoing diva yelps and a sweet, sad male vocal as it bumps along. The dubbier B-side drops you right into the stripped-down rub and tug between a punchier beat and more lushly layered effects.

Sometimes performing as Modern Deep Left Quartet (with the Mole) and other times as Cobblestone Jazz (without the Mole), their synthetic approach to house music kicks out catchy organic grooves that are as intricate as they are elegant. It may have taken a year for Wagon Repair to drop a fresh slab of wax but the “Memories” 12-inch (and news that it is the first in an upcoming series) more than makes up for the wait.

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