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CSS "La Liberación" (V2 / Cooperative Music)

Facts: They hail from Brazil, which we all know is arguably the party capital of the world. Their lead singer goes by Lovefoxxx. Their mantra, she asserts, is “Rip Shit!” The first single on their third album is titled “Hits me Like a Rock.” Add it up and you may well conclude that playing their music will lead to cataclysmic/death-defying orgies, destruction of personal property and general depravity. Perhaps even… brain damage. Fortunately or, depending on who you are, unfortunately I am trusted to inform you that nothing could be further from the truth. Ratatat and Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillwapie have both said “I do” to collaborative inclusion on this, the quintet’s third LP. Gillwapie’s vocals on “Rock” are mellow gold, further smoothing the vibe on this reggae-infused bobber. Now this is not to say this album doesn’t move. It does. “Fuck You” is a fuzz-guitar head slap with a dirty mouth, piston hips and lyrics which are on their own merit worth the paltry sum this LP, will put you out. Dance to it. Drive to it. If you are legal age and NOT driving, drink to it. All of the cardinal summer activities are advocated and facilitated by this album; with the added bonus—for the true connoisseur of beach-blanket electronic—of a unusual and seemingly thoughtful channeling of the Tom Tom Club, somber and erotic, via “Red Alert.” Mostly, though, it’s sunshine and sangria.


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