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Dreaming Obsessive: From Post-Dubstep Concoctions To 21st Century Disco

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Welcome you to the inaugural column of the "Dreaming Obsessive." With this column I’m looking to share music with you, as well as website recommendations from the latest post-dubstep concoctions to the best in 21st century disco. Let’s get at it.
Here's a reggae mix I made for you. Please enjoy...
Talking In Stereo Reggae Bar


Strand of Oaks “This Must be the Place”

First up is a cover version of This Must Be The Place by one of my favorite bands, the Talking Heads. It’s an in-thing now with indie bands to cover Talking Heads (see MGMT) but Strand of Oaks’ cover is really something special. Layering great synth lines and maintaining a cool melancholy feel. You can really tell they respect the original. Love it.

This Must Be The Place

Steve Mason and Dennis Bovell “Yesterday”

Former Beta Band lead singer Steve Mason released one of my favorite albums of last year, Boys Outside and in Yesterday he teams up with dub-deconstructer Dennis Bovell. On paper this doesn’t sound like it should work but Dennis delivers tough as nails dub instrumentation with Steve’s haunting voice layered and echoed to perfection. Watch out for the full album released called Ghosts Outside.


Locussolus “Throwdown” (Com Truise RMX)

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If you were lucky enough to get you mitts on this free digital download from International Feel then you are officially geekier than me. You gotta do what ya gotta do to get the tunes, right? An unofficial entry in the Locussolus remix package, Com Truise really takes this track in a modern direction. He relies heavily on ‘80s sounding keyboards (think Europe’s The Final Countdown) and staccato post-dubstep beats. Com Truise has been on a roll lately and has just released a new LP for Ghostly international, called Galactic Melt. This track really reps his style while still keeping Harvey’s lead vocals and the charm of the original track.

Throwdown (Com Truise Remix)

Naum Gabo/Franz Underwear "World Unknown"

This is the highly anticipated new release from Andy Blake’s, World Unknown, vinyl only imprint. Andy Blake has been on a mission to supply the world with his brand of twisted electronic machine funk for years. Not content to have slayed dancefloors with his Dissident Records catalogue he’s back at it again with his new label World Unknown. It takes its namesake from his supremely dark disco/new beat party in London. On the A side we have Naum Gabo (aka Johnny Wilkes from Optimo) producing a spine-tingling analogue melee called Whop! and that’s just what it does. Turn the record over for the new comer Franz Underwear’s Grauzone with its splayed out minimal synth vibe and sampled vocal chanting Go, Go. Get your leather and Vaseline primed for this one.


The Rapture "How Deep is Your Love"

The Rapture has always been about dance music—albeit filtered through the fuzz of guitars. In this release they seem to take dance music more seriously without the usual tongue-in-cheek nod. Gone are the screechy vocals, instead they are just laid bare with minimal effects. The track takes on anthem like quality with the Italian piano leads and scronky sax (reminiscent of ‘80s NY). This is a summer anthem in the making. All the hipsters will be pogoing to this in a sweaty haze.

How Deep Is Your Love

Don’t be surprised if you find me talking about a new clothing company, online record store or recipe. Like right now—swing your mouse over to They first came to my attention when they were promoting a new shirt with mixed CD from Chico Mann called “AfroFreestyle.” Former Ubiquity records art director Eric Crandall started the company. The inspiration for the designs come from music across the glob—from Afrobeat to acid house you’ll find a style to fit your taste. Their customer service is impeccable and selection is even better.


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