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How I Burnt Out On In 4 Days


I started seeing friends' social network feeds that they were “DJing in the ____ Room on”. Always intrigued by a new digital interaction and new social networking sites, I clicked. And for 3 days I was enraptured by the magic of this website. (I called it a T-hole, those who have been on the site know what I mean and enjoy my use of this term.)

When you first click on, it shows you a list of rooms filtered based on the number of people you know/people you follow on These rooms can vary from “indie while you work” to the “KCRW” room to the “Goldenvoice” room...

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Moderators of rooms have the option of “booting” and those currently DJing have the option of skipping their own song. Those not DJing in the room have the option of stating their opinion, and majority rules—each hit of the “awesome” button gives that DJ playing the song a point, and each hit of the “lame” button places the room meter down... and if enough people dislike the song, it is automatically skipped. Sometimes you'll get a bunch of “DJs” that really love music and will follow what everyone is playing. But most times it's just people playing what they perceive has hits in order to get more points, or people trying to look “cool” and playing what they think will get them those invisible cool points.

I think my love for The Knifes Heartbeats has been killed by this site. Apparently they max you out on cool points.

What started out as “a better Pandora” soon became tiresome. At least Pandora won't repeat a song within two rounds for failure of looking at the song's room history, and Pandora won't play something that “sounds British” in the Britpop room and then be a crybaby about it when they're booted for not playing to the room's description. Ahh, human error. Not even the shuffle selection on my iPod does that! There are definitely songs that tend to get more repeat plays than others. (I think my love for The Knife's “Heartbeats” has been killed by this site. Apparently they max you out on cool points.) Which leads me to this the conditioning of mainstream radio playing the same song(s) every hour? Do we as a modern music society just fall into the patterns we are used to being exposed to?

I crave variety. It's my #1 reason for partaking in a site like—of course it's still currently in beta. (Hey peeps, if you're reading this—maybe make a song only playable once a day!) And only Facebook users in the USofA have access to the site, while only Droid users can utilize an app. (Which means I'm not hearing the cool cuts my friends in the UK, Europe, Japan and Australia are banging out... Boo!) And, admittedly—it is rather addictive and you lose time being on the site for hours. It's a great idea—however, I grow suspicious of its longevity.

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