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I:Cube "Live At The Planetarium" (Versatile)

With his latest release Live at the Planetarium, Nicolas Chaix (aka I:Cube) unveils a mesmerizing sonic exploration into ambient-techno abstraction echoing influences from Ambient masters like Future Sound of London, Global Communication, Biosphere, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd and Kraftwerk. Composed for the dim atmosphere of Paris’ Planetarium de la Villette, the compelling, 55 minute live recording is a visionary work that conjures images of Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. The seamless 8-track opus is a sensuous trip through various musical destinations punctuated with minimal supple beats, rich analog and digital textures, and sparse vocal samples. Ingeniously melding dreamy ambient extractions, classic Chicago deep house (a la Virgo 4), cosmic King Tubby and Lee “Scratch” Perry inspired dub, subtle melodies and pulsating, futuristic techno minimalism, I:Cube invites listeners to lose themselves in his retro-modern symphony that delights in hypnotic psychedelic textures, adventurous, spacey vibes and sinuous slow moving grooves.

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