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Kudu "Death Of The Party" (Nublu)

New York-based, former future-jazz fusion outfit Kudu (aka vocalist Sylvia Gordon and drummer extraordinaire Deantoni “D” Parks) has refashioned themselves into a retro-futuristic electro Afro-punk act positioning themselves as the rightful heirs of New York and London’s thriving post-punk and arty “No Wave” underground movement of the early 80’s. Their latest album finds the pair creating a twisted nocturnal cabaret recalling the percussion-heavy modern primitivism of The Creatures with a dash of Prince’s Afro-punk-funk and Bow Wow Wow vocalist Annabella Lwin’s captivating punk “divatude.” The 12-song set is a delicious descent into nihilistic pleasures underscored by a camp sensibility and a boundless musical mutability. Gordon emerges as an alluring seductress tempting you with lurid tales of surreptitious desire, lust, obsession and playful mischievousness. Standouts include “Playing House,” “Magic Touch” (a seismic, big band-influenced drone oozing with pop sophistication) and the dreamy “Back For More.” However, the absolute gems are “Bar Star” (this year’s most potent sleazy electro-house dance anthem), “Neon Graveyard” (where the sassy sharp-tongued Gordon coos and purrs in affected Siouxsie style) and the irresistible closer “Let’s Finnish.” This raw electro-funk proclamation is 21st Century Prince (think 1999 and Sign ‘O’ The Times) laced with the infectious raunchy refrain: “I wanna ride it, ride it, want you to take me home…let’s finish what we started, come on let’s take it there, don’t leave me broken hearted, now baby that’s not fair.” Death Of The Party is truly something fresh and original. It’s the ideal cure for any listeners’ electronic music malaise.

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