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Lamb “Between Darkness And Wonder” (Koch Entertainment)

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British duo Lamb (chanteuse Louise Rhodes and multi-instrumentalist / producer Andy Barlow) deliver their most radiant and cohesive work to date with Between Darkness And Wonder. The set (the pair’s fourth studio outing) is a much more mature and cohesive musical experience. Rhodes’ chillingly vulnerable vocals and candid heartfelt melodramas are more focused, confident and refined while Barlow’s tempered melodic orchestrations and soaring pastoral vistas have replaced many of the cumbersome textural poly-rhythms and schizophrenic jazz / drum ‘n’ bass fragmentations (which have often cluttered their previous recordings). Don’t fret, Lamb hasn’t lost any of their edge. Instead, the album showcases the group’s brilliance without any frantic distractions. Cuts like “Wonder,” “Learn,” the sumptuous masterpiece “Please,” the buoyant “Sugar 5” and the brooding “Open Up” retain the blistering innovation, angelic opulence and ferocious icy intensity we’ve come to love and expect from the duo. Between Darkness And Wonder is a masterstroke - an evocative celebration of life that emerges out of the storm resilient and triumphant.



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