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Letting Up Despite Great Faults “Paper Crush” (Old Flame)

Ok. So it’s an EP. At least it’s an honest effort. I’ve had many a “LP” grace my doorstep this last month where perhaps half the tracks clock in under 2:00. Someone out there isn’t eating their Wheaties®, drinking their Jack Daniels©… whatever. They just ain’t up to snuff. This is, though, if you like the hopeful, forward-looking, acoustic-laden electronic of, say, Lali Puna. Their previous work, and sole LP, was mastered by guru (sound the gong!) Jeff Lipton of Magnetic Field’s fame. They carry on here much in the same line. “Sophia in Gold” pulses, it does not throb and the guitars in lead-off “Repeating Hearts” play back-up to well-aimed synths. If they’d occurred a decade ago they would have run alongside Lush, the Pale Saints and the Drop Nineteens and would very definitely have been signed to 4AD. There’s no real complexity here, nothing which will vex or confuse—it’s a languid, summertime conceit—soft angles and smiles. If I were to resurrect Jane Austen to write a novel concerned with young love and based in the modern-day Hamptons, well, this would be an ideal soundtrack.


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