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Sander Kleinenberg "5k" (This Is Recordings)

Let me tell you, there is more to Sander Kleinenberg than a name which strikes the American palette as… less than intuitive. Indeed. For starters he now…after a decade and a half, has a studio album. For those who are fans of what was originally referred to as “good for dancing” and what may at one time have been called “progressive house,” and later “electro house,” SK remains a standard, reliable and sometimes exceptional source of fuel. His first notable single “Bombay” dropped in ’93 and he’s graced a number of significant/semi-obscure European labels: Wonka Beats, Deal Records, Superstition, et al all. But this is not a history lesson. The originator of the “This is” club brand has a brand spanking new artist LP, 5K. It is, rest assured, is good, old-fashioned aerobic fun. “M.A.N.I.A.C” and “Disco Riot”—the latter featuring John Fugler of Fluke fame—have the bpm in the right place and are, at the end of the day, just plain linear jubilation. But wait. There’s more. “This Love” with Ace Reign issues a hard–to-resist invitation to get one’s hip-hop ON and “Wish I Said” is the downtempo closer than give you pause to reflect and perhaps realize you’ve just listened to something a bit more variegated and challenging than what you’d expect in the standard issue house isle.

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