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Timewriter "Paintbox" (Plastic City)

Three years following 2002’s epic Diary Of A Lonely Sailor, producer / remixer / DJ and tech-house maverick Timewriter (aka Jean F. Cochois) re-emerges with his 4th studio album for the newly revamped Plastic City. The long-awaited Paintbox is an irresistible tour-de-force swathed in mesmeric deep house rhythms, funky stealth beats, contagious melodies and lush ambient textures designed for maximum spins at home or at the club. Easily his most commercially accessible offering to date, the dynamic set melds diverse influences from contemporary and classic house, electro, dreamy synth-pop, German techno and trance breathing new life into Cochois’ trademark sound. Scorchers like the radiant lead single “Love is Beautiful;” peak-hour anthems “Lovetrap,” “Reachin’ Out” (featuring Theresa Baltimore) and “The Waterfront;” and the hypnotic and blissful “All I’ve Got” (with Jimmie Wilson) prove that the maestro hasn’t lost any of his edge or sophistication. Paintbox is a welcome return – a powerfully evocative reminder of how inspiring and liberating dance music can be when it truly moves you (both physically and spiritually).


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