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Young Circles “Jungle Habits” (Self-Released)

This is the type of music that keeps me wading through the pile which accumulates on my doorstep each week. It gets me out of bed. It keeps me going to the club. It puts a look on my face, I’m sure, similar to that which might grace any red-blooded thirteen year-old male who has just peered for the first time through a crack in the wall at the local strip club: gleeful relief. It’s good. Electric and electronic humping away in a wired-up staccato, and you’d be hard-pressed to separate the two. But why would you want to? Regardless of your affectation, you’ll find something here which will please—if you hate music of all types, then I compel you to dial into the lyrics = panache. “Summer Noose” is a cooking-wieners-on-the-backporch acoustic strummer that gently exhales at 1:27 and might just relax one so that the brevity isn’t just forgiven, it’s missed altogether. On the other, meatier and angrier hand, “2012” their first single, is a coruscating wind-up which fairly begs for the remix which will burn it into multitudinous dancefloors this summer—and you know… yes you know it’s going to happen. Like their first effort, the EP Bones, with which these Miami-based cads favored us with just over a year ago, this LP doesn’t require a few spins to achieve contact. It’s ready to go straight out of the box. It explodes.


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