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Anne Hathaway Meets Nero And Skrillex By DJ Woody

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In the wake of Anne Hathaway broadening her skill set by unleashing her “Paparazzi Rap” on last weeks Conan O’Brien Show, AV supreme, DJ Woody, just couldn’t resist putting his own “Turntables in Technicolor” spin on the worldwide celeb news story by smashing the video footage together with Nero’s remix of “Ghost’s ‘n stuff” by Skrillex.


DJ Woody is an award winning Scratch DJ who is currently taking the world by storm with his unique AV show. Described as “the best thing to come out of the UK hip hop scene” by Scratch Perverts, Lee “Woody” Woodvine is the first ever person to be invited to play at the New York City DMC Finals and the crowd lapped his show up. With collaborations with RANE and Serato soon to come, DJ Woody’s “Turntables in Technicolor” show is something you need to keep your eye on.

DJ WOODY Technicolor Tape Vol.1

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