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Benny Benassi: The God Father Of Electro Talks About “Electroman”—And His Secret Weapon...

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Italian DJ Benny Benassi doesn’t need an outrageous costume or other gimmicks to deliver great music. He’s proved it in the past and it earned him the nickname "God Father of Electro." He’s currently in Europe promoting his latest album, Electroman. And he is keeping in touch with his fans on social media.


The new album, who he worked on with his cousin Alle Benassi includes 14 shake-your-booty tracks and includes a plethora of guest talent.

Magnetic caught up with Benassi to find out what he’s been up to and hear what he has to say about Electroman.

With 14 energetic tracks on Electroman, what inspired you about this collection of songs to include each of them on the album?
Benassi: I work with my cousin Alle Benassi. We produced around 20 tracks and chose the ones we liked most and thought sounded good together.

What did you do differently with Electroman than in previous full-length releases?
In some ways it’s a continuation of the Rock n Rave album idea where we released a mixture of club tracks and songs, experimenting for the first time with US and UK based artists. Electroman is more mature, though. We managed to get some great collaborations and worked hard on variety and quality.

“Cinema” is a 21st Century pop love song; did you know it was going to be an instant hit?
No, we never think anything we do is going to be an instant hit! Gary Go wrote a great melody with great lyrics. He’s a very talented guy. We like it a lot and we wanted it to be a single, so really pleased that it’s connecting. The Skrillex remix has helped too, I think.

You have a Facebook fan page. Have you embraced social media? Or do you think it’s a fad?
It’s part of modern life and it’s great.

On that same note, you have about 85,000 Twitter followers, but you don’t seem to Tweet much. What’s up?
I tweet personally when I’m in the mood or I feel I have something interesting to say. I don’t think it’s that cool to drown your followers in a sea of endless messages. Hey, they have lives!

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You catapulted into stardom with 2002’s “Satisfaction.” How is your approach to your work changed over the years?
It’s basically the same as ever. Alle does the arranging and programming, I bring in ideas and give my input as to sounds and structure. It’s just that a little success makes you more relaxed about doing what you love to do, because you’re managing to make a living out of it. Even the new tracks with guest artists are the same method as the Benassi Bros songs we produced seven or eight years ago. Then we were using Italian-based local singers. Now we’re thinking worldwide. One of the Benassi Bros singers, Dhany, is on a song on “Electroman.” She’s great!

Electroman features several big-named guest stars (Chris Brown, Gary Go, T-Pain, and Kelis), do you think by including other popular artists it attracts new listeners to your work?
I’m sure it opens us up to new audiences. It’s not the main reason we did it but it’s a fantastic side effect. The main reason is because we’re fans of all those guys.

You are known as “Godfather of Electro,” but Electroman includes such a diverse mix of guest stars and influences, are you thinking about changing your nickname?
Haha... Other people gave me that one so I guess it’s up to other people to hang another one on me.

Benassi will be returning to the US this September (plus a few non US dates) for a multi-city tour...

  1. AUG 27 @ CREAMFIELDS in Daresbury

  2. SEP 2 @ ELECTRIC ZOO in New York NY

  3. SEP 3 @ STEREO LIVE in Houston, TX

  4. SEP 4 @ NORTH COAST MUSIC FEST in Chicago, IL

  5. SEP 4 @ LABOR OF LOVE in Toronto, ON

  6. SEP 5 @ MARQUEE POOL in Las Vegas, NV



  9. SEP 23 @ AVALON AT LARGE FESTIVAL in Singapore



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