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Chiddy Bang “Here We Go” Feat. Q-Tip (Designer Drugs Remix)

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Not sure what number remix “Here We Go” makes for Designer Drugs (aka Michael Vincent Patrick and Theodore Paul Nelson to their friends and family), but it’s gotta be over 50 by now. From Mariah Carey to Annie to Thieves Like Us, the duo has flipped songs for a diverse group of people and they show no signs of slowing down. We like that. We like them. And we think you’ll like them too. Listen to this remix and you tell us. And if you’re not already a fan, check out their debut album Hardcore/Softcore. It came out earlier this year via Ultra Records. Or check out one of their live shows. All it takes is a few minutes at one to see the normally humble pair, spurred on by the intense energy of their music, transform into a different beast. “It gets pretty wild,” admits Michael. “Even though we’re mellow, there’s lots of stage diving and almost slam dancing. It’s next level dance club shit that almost morphs into that ‘90s hardcore/punk vibe.” Anywho... please enjoy this remix.

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Chiddy Bang - Here We Go (Ft. Q-Tip) (Designer Drugs Remix) by Designer Drugs Official

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