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Chris James “Semester Musik 03” EP (Semester Musik)

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Just in time for back to school season, the label Semester Musik and Chris James bring you a third sampler, with the tracks “Just For You” and “Lets Get Intimate”. “Just for You” features the vocals of West Coast electro pioneer Egyptian Lover, speaking on rocking music festivals and what it takes to really mix (new DJs take note!). The track is a combination of an infectious bass line, bongos, handclaps, a Rhodes piano and crowd noises in the background. The Marcin Czubala remix brings the drums to the front, adds a female vocal, and dubs out the Egyptian Lover’s vocal to create a prime time deep house crusher.


The flip “Lets Get Intimate” slows down the party rocking and creates a deeper R&B-esque house groove with subtle pianos, creeping horns, and a subtle Outkast vocal sample. The Nhan Solo “Slow Mooow” mix drops the tempo down to an early night lounge vibe with futuristic effects. Definitely an EP to ease the transition from summer to fall.

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