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Crazy, Stupid, Love—Overly Dramatic Versions Of Real Life

My friend Dani and I went to go see Crazy, Stupid, Love. It was a wonderful showcase of the myriad versions of "love". I put that in quotations because it's such a relative experience for everyone—because it's just an idea. Yup. Love is an IDEA. Think about it. I'll give you a minute.


So, yes. It is an idea that we all have towards just about everything/everyone in life—whether we are adverse to this idea or for this idea—it is ever present and always lingering. I've always admired love. Sometimes I've hated it, other times it was an annoyance, a distraction—but I've always known that I couldn't live without it.

Okay, so the movie... The movie mostly goes through the complications that can be presented when your idea of love doesn't manifest in its actual, original form of your idea. And, how the characters cope with this realization. The characters in the movie were played by favorable and talented actors. (I love the Emma Stone x Ryan Gosling pairing—are they dating in real life? I hope they are.) (And the Julianne Moore x The dude from the US version of the office pairing was believable.) But the story was problematic...

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Now I don't think my experience (spectator and first-hand) with relationships leans on the seriously dysfunctional... But this movie gives overly dramatic versions of what would likely be calm and composed in real life in some scenes in the movie. Then underwhelming versions of what would probably be dramatic in reality. I think this is one of those stories where they paint a picture you want to see. Who says today's society loves reality? This movie is doing quite well according to box office sales, and the resolutions in the characters' problems are so far from a believable truth they might as well have thrown in a Santa-Is-Real subplot.

Everyone loves a happy ending (ha), and I get it—people primarily see a film to escape. And this one was so well played, that I actually want to know more about the characters. What are they doing now? How did it work out? I want to witness more of the ebb and flow of their life paths... I mean, they did leave enough room for a sequel. (However, I think a sequel is very risky... it would have to be double the good that this one was.)

Though I normally lean towards action, sci-fi, indie, thriller, horror films (or a combination of all)—I did enjoy this film. I probably won't purposefully see it again, but it was enjoyable enough. It's not as saccharine as most movies that dare put "love" in the title—so if you're not holding love's hand at the moment, or having just ended a relationship, or are madly annoyingly head-over-heels - whatever your mind frame—I'm letting you know this movie is safe to see, and you'll probably enjoy it.

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