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Get Ready For The Fourth Installment Of Crosstown Rebels’ “Get Lost” Mix CD Series

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We have been fans of Damian Lazarus and his Crosstown Rebels imprint for a while now. Long enough to see them go from a twinkle in Lazarus’ eye to one of the most groundbreaking underground dance music labels around.


Following in the wake of Dinky and Jamie Jones (mixing the next Fabric CD, btw), Damian Lazarus picks up the baton for the next Get Lost series. This chapter steers heavily into Lazarus’ dancefloor nature, unraveling a hybrid blend of dubby, rumbling cuts touching on everything from deep house to UK garage, techno to futuristic bassline mayhem. Props to Lazarus for his track selection; it’s largely an unknown collection of exclusive records that give foresight into the next generation of Rebel artists, introducing an arsenal of fresh faces. He also calls upon old label friends Dinky and Nico Purman and some peers from his past.

I’m so excited to re-launch the Get Lost mix CD series. The album has so many highlights for me and it seems to get better and better with each listen—and believe me Ive heard it many times. I have taken a lot of risks in introducing unknown artists in the selection and I am confident some of these guys will be household names before long. I am very proud of the Get Lost series and I think this session, number 4, will mark a beginning of the next level for our music. -Damian Lazarus

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The collection of unreleased tracks made exclusively for the album will also be available as a limited double vinyl package.

  1. Amirali “My Way” (EXCLUSIVE)

  2. Nitin “Blink Twice”

  3. Aquarius Heaven “So Low”

  4. Left “Please Don’t Come Alone” (EXCLUSIVE)

  5. Mikael Stävostrand & Cesare vs Disorder “Massive Attack” (Mikael & Cesare Rework)

  6. Kowton “She Don’t Jack”

  7. Fosky feat. Shiva “Shiva” (Original mix) (EXCLUSIVE)

  8. Nico Purman “Fade Away” (EXCLUSIVE)

  9. Dance Disorder “Metallic Italic” (Massimiliano Pagliara Remix)

  10. ** The Model feat. My Favorite Robot “Still In My Heart” (Accapella)

  11. Dana Ruh “Night Till Dawn” (EXCLUSIVE)

  12. Dinky “Owls” (EXCLUSIVE)

  13. Acid Pauli “Japan” (EXCLUSIVE)

  14. ** Damian Lazarus “Why Am I Here” (Accapella) (EXCLUSIVE)

  15. Daphni “Ye Ye”

  16. Avey Tare “Oliver Twist”

  17. Art Department “All Mine” (EXCLUSIVE)

  18. Mario & Vidis “Kashyyyk” (EXCLUSIVE)

Have you been to the Get Lost party in Miami for WMC? It's 17-hours straight.

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