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Get Your Ear Pick-Pocketed At Check Yo Ponytail

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Photo by Caesar Sebastian

I have never really been able to relax at the Echoplex, something about the place just bugs me, but I found myself compelled to go and check out the Check Yo Ponytail 2 party last Tuesday. The sequel party thrown by staunchly independent music man Franki Chan.The man at the helm of "I heart Comix."

I had heard some murmuring around the Internets about Pictureplane and “Witch” this and “Dutch” that. I was compelled to see what the man from a mile up and all this other scuttlebutt was all about. I am not sure if you've been to Denver, but if you don't like buffalo burgers and altitude sickness, I wouldn't bother. I mean it's pretty and all but, anyway.
The crowd was a mélange of pseudo Goth rockers, black metal flockers, bull dikes, slovenly dressed beirdo's, magic the gatherer's, fashionable scavenger’s and a member of the “vertically challenged.” Think less hipster wannabes and more Revenge Of The Nerd attendee’s, but just that last scene of the movie when the nerds some how become cool.

The kind of show Madonna would attend in costume while taking notes in the shadows.

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Watch out for the band “Javelin.” One of the most innovative and entertaining electronic bands I've seen in a while. These guys have more bells and whistles then fucking Amtrak.

I like the finisher of the night “Pictureplane.” Dude makes pressing buttons and rapping into a microphone entertaining—in a tongue in cheek way. Did I mention I enjoy genre bending? I felt the sensation of my ear being pick-pocketed. Not an easy job to pull off on this kid from Brooklyn, but best off, PP's having fun and you want to have fun with him. Certainly the most interesting thing I've seen come out of Denver maybe ever. The crowd go's wild. Nothing is forced.

The nerds indeed have their revenge. I'm looking forward to another sequel.

Photos by Caesar Sebastian

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