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Hess is More “Creation Keeps the Devil Away” (Nublu Records)

Mikkel Hess, wizard of the disarming and self-proclaimed “provocateur” is back,” I tell you. And you reply, “Did he ever leave?” Normally we would both laugh at how clever you just were. Or we were, in the composite. But, no. Not in this case. Because I would have been wrong in my initial assertion. Mikkel Hess never really arrived (insert dramatic pause)… until now. He had one of the funniest tongue-and-cheek singles in the history of wit in his jazzy porn rollick “YesBoss” from his 2009 debut LP album Hess is More, which Nublu records released without much ado and/or fanfare. The album went on to garner an accolade or two, and positive trysts—despite its super-eclectic nature—with those members of the press who are not slaves to the genre-serving orgy which has been rolling for nearly a decade, stateside. You’d guess it before I sway it, but Hess is not for orthodoxy, or coloring inside the lines of category. “Going Looking for the End of the World,” I suppose, could be fingered as an electro-pop song—but has as its backbone a melody which would work well for a street-performing Indian snake charmer harboring secret dreams of Hollywood. “Go Go Go Go” is not a rave-up house anthem as the name would have you believe, but rather a high-hat and bassline meditation on loss, or absence. “Call for Change” and “Circling High” are throaty, high-pulsed movers which will get you out of bed and onto the trampoline on even the most ravagedly hung-over and depraved of morns. If I were on a first date with this superlative album she would wear a top hat and drink absinthe; she would be at home in New York, but equally up for a depraved weekend in Vegas… or Amsterdam.


P.S. His studio “This is Care Of" in New York is home to fellow Dane and co-writer/producer Rasmus Bille Bahncke and creative art director Jacob Wildschiodtz—the fellows who together shared the coveted and worshipped 2010 von Pfeiffer Most Interesting Name Award. I would imagine that big left-brained nuggets are required to exist alongside Mr. Hess. Expect big things from these chappies. Or at least things out-of-the-ordinary. Both? And so on.

"Creation Keeps The Devil Away"

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