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Justice Releasing Long Awaited Sophomore LP

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It’s been a minute, right. Nice to see Xavier de Rosnay & Gaspard Augé (Justice to their Fans) coming out of their creative cocoon with an announcement for their second album Audio, Video, Disco. Look for it October 25 via Ed Banger. The album promises to stray away from their dance music roots a bit for a “looser” and “heavier” sound than previous releases. Think the outer fringes of pop. Xavier de Rosnay & Gaspard Augé created the album in their home studio, with all instrumentation performed by them themselves. They even had to learn a few instruments. Nice. The album features a range of guest vocalists, including a spot by Morgan Phalen of NYC rockers Diamond Nights on "On'n'On" and "Newlands", Vincenzi Vendetta of Australian band Midnight Juggernauts lends his voice for "Ohio", and UK pop singer Ali Love is on the album's first single "Civilization.”


Buy the "Civilization" EP (features remixes by Mr. Oizo & The Fucking Champs) here.

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