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Kenton Sorenson: How The Modern Man Travels Light

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Leather craftsman Kenton Sorenson has a thing for vegetable tanned leather. Take a look through the products on his site. Other than that, simplicity is the common denominator—with the design, not the process of creation. Each Sorenson piece begins with salt-cured, full-grain vegetable-tanned cattle hide, organically treated—no artificial colors or chemicals. The leather is soaked in tanning liquor derived from oak bark for six weeks and then dried for several days.  A process that yields leather that, while extremely durable, and because of collagen that darkens when exposed to sunlight, will develop a rich caramel patina with age. In addition to a more time-consuming tanning process, each article is cut, oiled, conditioned with beeswax, and hand stitched. Best of all, you’re buying American; All pieces are crafted from the highest graded areas of reserve leather sides from a 130 year-old Midwestern tannery utilizing unbranded male cattle hides raised by American ranchers—a type less than 1% of all available hides. Meaning, it’ll cost ya. The Short Stay bag (above) will set you back about $1450, the iPad portfolio goes for $190 and the Passport wallet is $140.

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