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KMFDM "WTF?!" (Metropolis)


Tis’not easy for anyone to name five bands which have been in existence, without a major creative break, for a two-decade period. Three decades? Ha! The list grows even shorter; and if you limit it to the realm of electronic-based music, well gentle reader, you’ve a better chance of beating Oprah in any game where pizza is the prize. And so comes. KMFDM/MDFMK. The major why of their perma-ascendancy is frontman producer Sascha Konietzko. The mohawked and well-spoken man who hails from mine own ancestral seat, Hambrug. Probably the only collective remaining from the Chicago Wax Trax/industrial scene of the ‘80s, Konietzko is not afraid to cull when it’s called for, keeps abreast of the necessary technologies and knows the difference between rebuilding and rebranding—he’s chosen to shirk the latter, keeping constant all things which are controllable—down to using the same artist (Brute) for all of their singles, EPs, LPs, t-shirts, stickers, posters, patches and tattoos. I might exaggerate a tad; but such consistency woven through the minefield of drugs, money, sex, sex, drugs and money is admirable and rare. That KMFDM is a very identifiable brand, emulative of the corporate turds which number among his favorite whipping boys is the type of irony that gets Konietzko’s nut. Their music is punishing a la power cords and editorial, via German and English. WTF? is typical: electronic used to augment electric to over-human speeds and volumes, outrageous claims made in the 3rd-person which one wants to believe (“We created fire” or “We hunt Oprahs”), a hulking and ready-made single in “Krank” which will be remixed until the end of time and will appear in more movies than  Kevin Bacon. This is industrial, but edible for most anyone looking for a bit of roughage on their playlist. Sure they’re ravening at times (top-end bpm of 160), but if you look closely as he collapses the ceiling of the universe, you’ll catch a slight wink coming from Kaptain K(onietzko). And so on.


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