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Ladytron "Gravity the Seducer" (Nettwerk)

*To be read in the voice of an action film trailer narrator.


*In a world… of danger (sfx: explosion)
in a time… of seduction (sfx: cries of passion)
and… DANGER (sfx: machine gun firing)
two men, and two women united… and together they tamed that world
with their own… magic (sfx; stallion neigh).
That group… was Ladytron (sfx: lightning bolt strike and panther scream).

Gravity The Seducer is their fifth album. Some predicted the party would end quickly for the foursome; however, after more than a decade their algorithm hasn’t changed much, it continues to win. Too many groups, after the first flush of success has faded, headlines fumble and the drinks are no longer comped take it in to their heads to run out, willy nilly, and learn how to play their instruments. They begin to use their soft/hardware to its potential and think that they are somehow obligated to “mix it up.” Not so here. Aside from some minor deviations Ladytron has made it easy on their devotees, and having so mastered their form, they’ve chosen to ride in the synth-pop saddle on Gravity. “Mirage” and “Ace of Hz” could be leftover tracks straight from Light & Magic vault. Mostly meditative bpm-wise, the LP hits a canter on the mathematically rambunctious “Ritual” and the ship-sinking klaxon of “Melting Ice.” Yet. Yet, let me think here. It’s the bright-minded quietude of “Transparent Days,” and the calming sentimentalism-in-the-midst-of-a-mental-breakdown of “Altitude Blues” which showcases LT’s ability to achieve legit grandeur sans cheese, a difficult line to hold when one’s main means of communication happens to be the synthesizer. Three words I wanted to work in, but did not this morning have the capacity to finger the angles: cinematic, surreal, grace. Let us pray.

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