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Planningtorock's "The Breaks Remix" Is Out Now Through DFA

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The new EP features remixes by UK DJ Hannah Holland, Brooklyn duo Telepathe, as well as DFA’s electronic wiz Gavin Russom and Fall on Your Sword, who soundtracked the film Another Earth. Each artist presents their own take on the warped vocals, melancholic saxophone depths and euphoric synth string highs of the original track. For collectors, the limited edition blue 9" vinyl is a nice touch.


Have you seen the video made by Planningtorock herself for Hannah Holland's anthemic techno interpretation? It’s a psychedelic twist on the original "Breaks" video using out takes and footage from "The Breaks" video shoot. The gender symbols of Mars and Venus appear over the color filtered, pop art effect footage in turns, representing the ambiguity of Janine Rostron's genderless intersexual stage alter ego.

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