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Red Light Radio—A Thoughtful Play On The Intersection Of Nostalgia And Entertainment

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“Ecstasy, heroin, cocaine,” muttered through the lips of a scar-faced peddler. Narrow cobblestone streets littered with stumbling, drunken tourists. Red-hued windows decorated with women in various states of undress. These are images commonly associated with Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Sounds like things are changing a bit.

Red Light Radio is an online radio station broadcasting from a former prostitution window in the red light district of Amsterdam. I imagine it’s quite the juxtaposition to the standard District fare and no doubt a bit of respite to Amsterdam natives. If anything, it’s a thoughtful play on the intersection of nostalgia and entertainment. The station offers daily shows of local DJs, live performances and random personalities doing a one time only gig. Expect everything from Afrobeat to shows with black metal next to live acoustic performances or DJ sets by artists or even a show by you.

For all you testosterone filled humans out there, fret not… there’s nothing illegal about prostitution in the Netherlands and we don’t see it changing—it’s basically a vocational industry, just like any other. So you can still expect a barrage of hookers and drugs. Whew.

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