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Sneaky Sound System “We Love”

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Are you familiar with Sneaky Sound System? If you’re from Australia chances are, yes. They're a pretty massive act down under—huge radio play, gigs at all the major festivals, etc, etc, etc. If the name isn't ringing bells, Sneaky Sound System is powerhouse singer Miss Connie Mitchell and producer extraordinaire Black Angus McDonald. Modular Records just signed them for their third album, From Here to Anywhere, which will be out later this year, release date TBD. They’ve been working on number three since 2009. The pair wrote all of it themselves, between tour-dates, in hotel rooms and studios from Sydney (read “Here”) to London, Paris, Ibiza, Moscow (read “Anywhere”).

Here’s a video for first single “We Love.” Modular lined up remixes by Bart B More and Pleasurekraft—plus Black Angus from SSS did one as well. Pick them up here.

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