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The Official Video For Afrojack And Steve Aoki "No Beef"

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Last week we made a little announcement about "No Beef,” an Aoki and Afrojack collaboration, finally getting an official release. Even though that cut has been floating around for over a year it debuted at #28 on the Beatport Top 100 chart, and #7 on Beatport's Progressive House chart... and it's still climbing. You can pick it up here. Pretty impressive. So is this official video. Not because it’s breaking ground in the video/editing department, but it is a pretty sweet look into the lives of two international superstar DJs as they party through Las Vegas while drinking a keg’s worth of Afroki—their new energy drink. I can’t say that Afroki has parsed these lips, but I’ll be looking for it in stores. BTW, can you spot all the cameos?

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