100m Records Announce The Soundtrack To Photographer Diana Scheunemann's Feature-Length Documentary Film Love American Skin

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I remember hearing some good things about Love American Skin a while back, but I almost forgot about it until I received the news about 100m Records providing the soundtrack. The thirteen-song, thirteen-artist compilation was just released and features, as you might guess, 100m Records artists along with a few of their friends. Expect organic electronic soundscapes, thoughtful acoustic singer-songwriters, catchy pop tunes and urgent, driven rock. The 80-minute documentary Love American Skin is Diana Scheunemann’s debut as a filmmaker and highlights the American people and their landscape.

In the summer of 2010, Scheunemann undertook an eight-week road trip clockwise around the USA, starting and ending in New York City. The aim of the trip was to photograph, film and explore the multiple facets of the American identity. Fueled by a curiosity for the stereotype of the Mid-West, she was convinced that New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, and Las Vegas are not an accurate portrayal of the USA. With her boyfriend, artist PJ Norman, and their dog they drove 10,128 miles, and through 21 states to attain a more accurate understanding.

Scheunemann elaborates:

Over 60 days we filmed, photographed and explored over 60 people. We experienced temperatures between 35 and 118 degrees Fahrenheit, my boyfriend became my husband, and the car’s engine was used as a cooking stove. Love American Skin replicates our journey’s spontaneity, freedom, eccentricity and discoveries.

Love American Skin (Soundtrack):

  1. Fates “Morning USA”

  2. The Fancy “Honey, Baby”

  3. Stay Low “Extension Of Me”

  4. Soccer Mom “ (A) Natural History”

  5. Soft Skin “Why Do You Pretend?”

  6. Iamprimate “Forever”

  7. Giving The Table A Name “Epiglottis (Leak)”

  8. Medes “If You Stay”

  9. Dinah Thorpe “In The Country”

  10. Glass Rifle “Foebic”

  11. Django Voris “The Dawn Of A New Day”

  12. tKatKa “Dimension Tension”

  13. Tseuq “Hazing The Itch”

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