Ambassadeurs Announce Debut EP “Come A Little Closer” + Free Download Of “Rössler”

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"Come A Little Closer" is the first official release from Brighton based Ambassadeurs. The 24-year old south coast beat mechanic (Mark Dobson to his mum—or mom to us here in the States) has been quietly amassing a following for his soundcloud releases bringing him to the attention of UK indie label Jalapeno amongst others including Tru Thoughts (who have been featuring tracks in their radio show) and Wah Wah 45’s who have released an Ambassadeurs remix.


The music is a tough one to nail down… it definitely doesn’t diverse to be pigeonholed. If you’d like to throw some tags around the sound, think a mixture of hip-hop, dub, jazz and electronica. But really you decide.


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The debut EP consists of 4 tracks: the mainly instrumental “Come a little Closer,” “Can We Pretend,” “Higher” featuring the vocal talents of Elbi and “Ain’t That Peculiar” whose vocalist while obvious shall remain nameless.

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