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…And You Thought You Were Over Skrillex: A Remarkable Cover of “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”

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Just when you thought you had heard enough of Skrillex, a video goes viral on Youtube of a four-piece band covering his hit “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.” That band, Pinn Panelle, unleashes an unapologetic sonic orgy, displaying technical proficiency and instrumental mastery, while accurately conveying Skrillex’s sample-driven masterpiece through traditional rock components. They’re actual music borders around progressive rock with sounds belonging in EDM occasionally seeping through, evocative of Muse. Definitely check this video out and also their cover of Nero’s “Promises.” Undoubtedly, with their forward-thinking utilization of technology and incorporation of the EDM soundscape, Pinn Panelle has a very bright future ahead of them.


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