Danish Producer Anders Trentemøller Produces Danish Rock Duo Darkness Falls’ Debut LP “Alive In Us”



Have you heard Darkness Falls yet? If you have an eye on the ever-expanding Copenhagen music scene they’re right in the middle of it. Their self-titled first EP, “Darkness Falls,” was released in March and we’ve gotta say that vocalist and keyboard player Josephine Philip, and Ina Lindgreen (guitar and bass) are delivering some pretty enchanting stuff. That release definitely set the tone for the band‘s laid-back filmic qualities and exceptional song writing.

The duo was discovered by (yes I’ll say it), visionary producer Anders Trentemøller. We haven’t heard anything as of late that Trentemøller has touched that we’re not immediately drawn to. Philip plus Lindgreen plus Trentemøller is a perfect modern fusion of melancholic melodies, ‘60s guitar twangs, haunting atmospheres and spaced-out pop.

Look for Alive In Us October 24 via HFN Music and Fake Diamond Records.

Before that, tho, the 12-inch single “The Void” will come out September 26 and will feature remixes by Trentemøller, Clueless, Terje Bakke and a Lightbluemover vs. Black Light Smoker dub. There’s also a 7-inch featuring a Trentemøller Piano Version of “The Void.”

BTW, Anders Trentemøller is returning to North America for a fall tour.

Here’s a very well shot video for “Hey!,” which was directed by Katja Boom Philip and shot in Demark in the summer of 2010.

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