DJ DC Goes For World Record Attempt—The Longest Club DJ Set Ever. Maybe.



Have you heard of DJ DC? Don’t feel bad or left out or culturally askew if you haven’t—dude has 52 Facebook fans. The name is new to us, as well. Apparently, tho, he’s a “famed” Austrian DJ that holds the unofficial Guinness record for the longest DJ set. 121-hours is what the enterweb tells me. It all went down at Costa Mesa’s Sutra Lounge in September of 2010. But sadly, the time was not recorded by Guinness and therefore is not the current official world record. Ahh. That trophy belongs to DJ King. King stood behind the decks for 120 hours and 19 minutes. DJ DC plans to give King the bird and play for an additional 30 hours. That’s 150 hours with a five-minute break per hour set. Can this happen sober? We have our doubts. Any way you slice it tho, if dude does in fact hit the mark we’re pretty sure his name will be in the record books for a while. Because really, who the fuck wants to play music for more than 150 hours? My life revolves around sound, but the only thing I think would be worse than 150 continuous minutes of music in your ears would be an equal amount of time in silence. If you want to be part of history, or at least witness the attempt of, head over to Downtown Santa Ana’s historic Yost Theater on October 2nd and bring snacks. My only other question, why the hell is this happening in Orange County? OC, really? More info go here.

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