Free DJ Mix From Cómeme Flagship Artist Rebolledo


I’ve been talking about the South American Cómeme collective to anyone that’ll listen for a minute now. The family has been on the rise with their electrifying live performances and DJ sets from Matias Aguayo, Christian S, Rebolledo, Daniel Maloso and Diegors. For those outside of the US, throughout the rest of October they will be lighting up locations in Portugal, Spain, England and Germany. No idea when they’ll be stateside, which has me a bit bummed.


What I am excited about, tho, is the upcoming Rebolledo album titled “Super Vato. The Kompakt imprint is fully supporting this release, which says a lot—look for the album towards the end of October. It’s the first full length for the rising label and Rebolledo is the flagship artist. And there’s a reason for that… in a sea of copycats Rebolledo is a true innovator. Guy has the polyrhythmic jacking sound down, pulling in influences from cumbia, techno, disco, kwaito to cosmic and house. Rebolledo describes it as music that is inspired by the emotions that emerge when he listens to the power of The Warriors movie theme, the energy of “Billy Jean’s” beat, the drive of the bass synth in Giorgio Moroder’s “The Chase,” the dark motion of the bass rhythm that drives “Thriller” and the anger of the snare drum of a Mexican military march. What ever you want to call it, we say it’s great.

To get you pumped for the album here’s a mini mix by Rebolledo for free. I’ve also included a few Soundcloud tunes to round things out. Happy listening.

Oh, btw, if you haven’t heard Diegors Beats In Space mix it’s definitely worth your time. Peep it here.

Rebolledo Minimix

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