Groovebug iPad App—A Personalized Music Magazine Discovery Engine


The idea behind the Groovebug app is pretty dope… it creates an iPad like magazine tailored to your musical tastes. Basically it scans your music collection and creates Flipboard-style book from each artist in your library. By Flipboard I mean it pulls in and compiles rich content from the net—like the artists’ information, their music, videos and news—and puts it all in one consolidated place and lets you swipe through it. It even gives you similar artist recommendations based off what’s currently in your library.


Download the app here.

In the move to digital music, we lost the immersive album cover experience.  We want to bring that back, but with all the capabilities of modern technology.  And music magazines dont offer the personalization that fans want.  Personalization is one of our guiding principals. -Jeremiah Seraphine, Groovebugs co-founder and CEO

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