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"How to Make It In America" Trailer Pays Homage To Duck Sauce

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I’ll admit that it took me an episode or two to warm up to HBO’s How to Make It in America. The writing was on point, the cultural references were timely and it was amusing enough…I think part of it was me just feeling like I just shouldn’t like a TV show about broke Brooklyn hipsters navigating through life. It was probably the same part of me that resisted rich Hollywood types running around in an Entourage. Yet here I am today, very much looking forward to the new season on Oct 2nd. This trailer gets me even more excited—it’s a great homage to Duck Sauce's "Barbara Streisand" video (almost 62 million hits!). Don’t blink or you might miss cameos by A-Trak/Duck Sauce, Asher Roth with Bieber and Pusha-T. They’re all in there.


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