Juan Maclean Announces Release On DFA Records Plus MP3 Giveaway "Everybody Get Close"


Taking a break from his endless side projects, Juan MacLean is back with the release of "Everybody Get Close" via DFA Records, which is dropping November 8th. Since the release of the 2009 The Future Will Come, John “Juan” Maclean stayed occupied mastering forthcoming remixes for artists like Yoko Ono and Stevie Nicks. Now MacLean and band mate Nancy Whang are delivering listeners with the digital-only album, which is complied by re-mastered tracks, previously released outtakes and remixes. Of the 11 tracks featured, five come from MacLean’s “Find A Way” EP that was only made available at lives shows. The new package will see remixes from well-respected act like Cut Copy, Holmes Price, and Jay Dee.


Juan MacLean and Nancy Whang have already started working on The Juan MacLean’s 3rd LP for DFA Records. Until then, enjoy the melodies, keys and funky sounds of “Everybody Get Close” because it’s only the beginning of what’s to come in the future.

Not sure about you, but as soon as I heard this it instantly reminded me of the days my dad would play music from the ‘70s and ‘80s. A mixture of disco and funk, which is a gnarly combination. Well, listen to the track for yourself and create your own opinion.

Everybody Get Close

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