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Lula Circus “Miami Vice” EP (Stranjjur Reocords)


Basically, if you were a hero in 1980s Miami this would be your soundtrack. Lula Circus comes through with a solid six-song EP with four original tracks and two remixes for Stranjjur Reocords. The title track, “Miami Vice” is drum-heavy with a thick bassline, creating a perfect soundtrack vibe, progressing into a light synth build at about the halfway point. Definitely something you would play when getting all dressed up to save the girl and get the bad guy.


“Pumpin Groovin” is definitely the stand out dancefloor track, and its vocal sample sums it up best

the bassline got me movin’ groovin’ . . . the drums are pumpin’, thumpin’, sayin’ something like .

This is the song for an after-party in South Beach after you’ve won a fast boat race or two.

The EP comes with two useful vibey tracks “Smell of Hell” and “So This Is Love” (plug these into your story as you want), as well as the remixes of “Miami Vice” and “Pumpin Groovin” if you want to switch your look up. Get there.

Lula Circus "Miami Vices" EP

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