Nostalgic Psychedelic Folk-Pop Meets Musical Adventure—Welcome To Vadoinmessico

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First off, why the hell doesn’t Vadoinmessico’s video for “Pepita Queen of the Animals” have more views? I can’t remember the last time a video put a smile on my face quite like this. I love how the main monkey looks completely unattached and disinterested in what’s going on around him while all the other monkeys are rocking out and having a great time. Then of course the music…it’s rather nice. Specially this one, “Pepita, Queen of The Animals.” The African rhythms, the bizarre instrumentation and beautiful melodies…it’s equal parts musical adventure and brilliantly crafted pop song. A winner in my book, indeed. Look for this single on September 26 via Outcaste and Pias. Until then please enjoy this Lapalux remix as a free download.


“Pepita Queen of the Animals” (Lapalux remix)

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